Baby Banana Splitz

Well now you’re just getting fucking fancy. A banana split is pretty easy to do in a dining hall setting so I won’t go telling you how to do that, but these are an elegant twist on a classic.

Adapted from Dessert for Nine – Banana Split Bites


1 banana

ice cream

peanut butter (optional but recommended because it’s delicious)

sprinkles or any ice cream topping (optional)

whipped cream (optional)


DO NOT PEEL YOUR BANANA. Cut off the ends of the banana and then slice it into 2-inch sections. Do not touch that skin. Okay so here’s where it might get a little complicated. With a knife (any knife will do here since the banana is soft), carve out a crater into the fruit of the banana. You will want the bottom of the banana to stay intact (you don’t want to make a banana telescope, you feel me?) This means that you will have a thin rim of banana left which you will fill with ice cream. So go ahead and fill your little banana crater with ice cream (at least 1 spoonful should fit inside.) Now you can go ahead and peel the skin off. You will be left with little banana cups full of ice cream. You’re done with the basics! YAY.

So now if you want to continue being a fancypantz, dip the end of the banana (the bottom of the cup) in your peanut butter. If your heart so desired, dip that in your topping of choice. Set it down on your plate and add a little whipped cream on top of each cup, and perhapz a cherry if you can get that. So like go ahead and eat it now before that shit melts.

Notes: First off, I suggest making your banana crater/cups before going to get your ice cream from the freezer. This way it won’t be a melty soup mess. Experiment with chocolate sauce or other ice cream “condiments” instead of the peanut butter and get creative with those toppings. Hello crushed FRUIT LOOPS. 


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