Grilled Apple and Cheddar Sandwich

Most dining halls have access to either a deli and panini table, or a grill station. We do magical things.


2 slices of bread (my favorite is multigrain because it’s got great flavor and texture, but whatever works)

2 slices of cheddar

1 apple (I highly recommend only using GREEN for this sandwich, other apples simply don’t have enough acidity to compliment the cheddar)

A swipe of dijon mustard (the grainy non-neon one) (optional)

A swipe of honey (optional)


Place a slice of cheddar on each slice of bread. Swipe on that mustard and/or honey if you’re going to use that. Cut your apple into thin slices (use that sharp ass knife that you’re carrying with you) and arrange on top of one of the bread-cheese halves. Close her up and place in the panini maker. Grill until desired grillness (get that cheddar melting.)

Note: If you do not have access to a panini maker in your dining hall but do have a grill station, simply bring your sliced apple to the grill master and politely ask if they can put your lovely green apple slices on your grilled cheese with cheddar. As I said, the mustard and/or honey is optional, but they do wonderful things for this sandwich. The sweetness of the honey contrasts with the sharpness of the cheddar, and the mustard really gives it an extra kick. If you must use a non-green apple, I would definitely bring in the mustard to bring back that much needed acidity. 


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