No Bake Cheesecake

Srsly? Yeah you can probably make your own cheesecake in the dining hall. This shit ain’t healthy though so be forewarned. This is how we do.


3 spoonfuls of cream cheese

3 spoonfuls of whipped cream (or you can replace with yogurt if that is available)

1 spoonful of honey (sweeten to taste, you may want more)

1 crushed cookie (any cookie will do, you can also try crushed cereal)

a spoon full of jam or pie filling or any ice cream “condiment” (optional)


Crush up your cookie or cereal for your cheesecake base. Pack this into the bottom of a coffee mug. In a SEPERATE bowl or mug, stir cream cheese and honey until smooth. Fold in (meaning slowly and gently stir) cream/yogurt into the mix. Spoon mixture on top of crushed base. Let sit for a few minutes. If using, spread a thin layer of jam or any sweet condiment of choice on top of your “cheesecake”.

Note: If you have access to any citrus fruit, you can use you sharp knife to add some rind to the cream cheese mix. 



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