Main Course

Revamped Buffalo Chicken

They’re serving some chicken breast dish. It looks meh. So scrape that sauce off and revamp this shit.


1 chicken breast taken from a dining hall dish (or whatever cut you want)

5 spoonfuls of hot sauce (Frank’s is great, Tabasco works too)

2 spoonfuls of blue cheese or blue cheese dressing (if you’re salad bar has crumbled blue cheese then you are golden)


Scrape off the chicken’s original sauce with a spoon or dull knife. Slice chicken into strips. In a small bowl or coffee mug, mix hot sauce and blue cheese component. Smother your chicken with hot blue cheese sex.

Note: If you can, heat up your sauce in a microwave for 20 seconds. You can also keep the hot sauce and cheese separated. Douse your chicken in hot sauce, and then either crumble blue cheese on top or use blue cheese dressing as a dipping sauce. You can also replace blue cheese dressing with ranch.


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