Roasted Beets, Cheese, and Honey Sandwich Go look at that. This sandwich is adapted from the June 11 post from scanwiches, The Stalwart Goatherd.


roughly 6 slices of roasted beets  (oh hai salad bar)

3-4 spoonfuls of crumbled feta or blue cheese (choose blue cheese if possible)

spoonful of honey

spring mix salad or baby spinach

8 raisins (add/subtract to your liking)

multigrain bread (or whatever bread you want)


Lightly toast your bread if you have access to a toaster. In a bowl, mash cheese and raisins together, and spread on one slice of bread. Layer beets on top of cheese spread. Spread honey on top of beets, and layer your leafy greens on top. Close her up and chomp her down.

Notes: Blue cheese will give you a stronger flavor contrast. Use feta if you want a more mild cheese taste. I like the texture of spring mix but baby spinach works well too (stay away from romaine.) If you want a little added warmth to your sandwich, try microwaving the beets for 30 seconds before placing on cheese. You can also stick your sandwich in a panini grill, as long as you add your leafy greens in AFTERWARDS (ew wilted leaves…)


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