Main Course, Salads and Dressings, Sandwiches

Taco Lettuce Wraps

Don’t like break? What the hell is wrong with you. Well that’s okay, here’s a “sandwich” you can make sans le carbs.


a large piece of lettuce (a leaf? Is that what you call them? I really have no fucking clue. look for them at the burger/condiment station thang)

tomatoes (chop these up or slice in strips)

a slice of cheddar (cut into strips)

chicken (grab some from the buffet line and scrape off whatever sauce is on there, and slice)

chickpeas or kidney beans (or if black beans are available GET THOSE THEY ARE SO YUMMY)

onions (chop them up too)


guacamole (optional)


Slice up all ingredients that need to be sliced. Place your lettuce on a plate and dump tomatoes, cheese, chicken, beans, onions and salsa all up in there. Make sure you leave enough room to “wrap” the lettuce-taco-thing up. Dip in guacamole if desired.

Note: For a BURRITO wrap, add some rice!


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