Salads and Dressings

Crunchy Purple Salad

I just had my wisdom teeth out this weekend and I can’t fucking wait to eat crunchy things again. Sweet Jesus I miss my salads. Here’s a colorful crunchy salad to put that red cabbage from the stir-fry line to good use.


chopped red cabbage (check out the stir-fry bar if you can’t find it at the salad bar)

1 GREEN apple (no substitutions here, you need that tartness)

a handful of nuts or seeds (walnuts work best, but whatever will still be yummy)

1 part dijon mustard (the REAL mustard, not the neon French’s)

1 part red wine vinegar (it’s the translucent dark red one, but balsamic will work too)

1 part olive oil

1 part raspberry jam (if you can find this. If not, skip the jam altogether.)


Combine mustard, vinegar, oil, and jam if using in a bowl, and put aside. With a sharp-ass knife, slice your apple into very thin strips. Throw cabbage, apple, and nut/seeds into a bowl.  Toss your salad with that gorgeous dressing.

Note: Try topping this off with slice grilled chicken.


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