Salads and Dressings, Sandwiches

Faux Chick(pea)en Salad

Chicken Salad is a great thing. Here’s a simple and healthy imitation to try out.


a cup of chickpeas


celery (chop it up)

half of an apple, chopped (GREEN PLEASE)

some sort of seeds or nuts (walnuts if available)

avocado (optional)

a spoonful of mayonnaise (optional)


Using a fork, mash the chickpeas up in a bowl. If using avocado, mash that in now. Add cranberries, chopped celery, chopped apple, and seed/nuts and stir. If using mayonnaise, stir that shit in. Thereyougo.

Note: This is good all on its own, or you can put it in a sandwich/pita with some lettuce on top.


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