Main Course, Sandwiches, Tips

A Gourmet Cheezeburger

Get fancy with the grill. Next time you order a cheeseburger, bring your friendly GRLLMSTR a sliced up Granny Smith (a green apple, silly) and ask for a cheeseburger with cheddar. If you want a condiment on that burger, steer away from ketchup or bbq sauce. Go for DIJON mustard and/or honey. Nom nom nom.

Sandwiches, Tips

Tip for making sandwiches with melted cheese components

If you want to make any of these hot sandwiches that include melted cheese, but sadly do not have access to a panini maker or a grill station, you can wrap your sandwich in TWO paper napkins and place it in the microwave for somewhere between 30 seconds and a minute depending on how melty you want your cheese. Keep in mind that naked bread gets soggy in the microwave, so you need the paper napkin to maintain the crispness.


Bring a REAL knife

College students aren’t allowed to use real knives. Instead we get to use blunt metal sticks. Those things are actually more dangerous because of the extra pressure and stability you have to use to cut things. Bring your own sharp real knife and don’t forget to take it home with you.

Note: The reason that dining hall knives are so blunt is because they go through a big fast-paced dish-washing machine that is blindly operated by a staff member whose goal is to shove as many things through the machine in as short of a time as possible. Sharp objects would put the worker in danger; the sharp prep knives in the kitchen don’t go through the machine either.